Back translating

To help consultants or other advisors understand your draft translation, you can ask another native speaker to produce a ‘back translation’ into English or Hausa.

Download Andy Kellogg’s Back Translation Template (v1.02)

How to make an interlinear Back-Translation:

  1. File → Save As RTF… and choose what portion you want to prepare for back translation. Save the file, then when it opens, select all the text and copy it. (Alternatively, in Preview view, select the whole section in Paratext you want to prepare, then copy it.)
  2. Copy all the text from the RTF file.
  3. Open the back translation template file and make sure you enable macros.
  4. Paste the text over the words below that say Paste Text Here.
  5. Double-click on the text that says  Double-Click here to prepare a back-translation.


  • T: is for the Text in the language.
  • L: is for the Literal back-translation.
  • F: is for the Free back-translation.

Remember to save your back-translation with a new filename, including the name of the language, the Bible book and chapters as relevant, and the date.

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