Tools & Training

Special welcome to CLAN visitors: from the Conference of the Linguistics Association of Nigeria!

Find out more on this page about the software used for coursework at the TCNN Linguistics & Translation Dept.

There are many useful tools you can use to help document your language. Here we have links to download the latest copies of useful tools, documents and videos to help you use those tools.

Typing and viewing Nigerian/phonetic text

Learning about making dictionaries in your language

Software tools for pioneer mother-tongue linguists

Other useful tools

2 Responses to Tools & Training

  1. There seems to be some fonts that are appearing well in the “Teach yourself Tsureshe.” What could be the problem please?
    Revd. Apollos

    • davidrowbory says:

      Can you show me or tell me which sections have a problem? It seems to look OK on my computer so I need more details.

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