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For publishers / translators / authors

  • How much does it cost?
    • There is currently no charge for any content you host.
    • The creators of the site are paying for it currently.
  • What can I change about my site?
    • You can change almost everything.
    • Log in with the username given you when your site was created (save that email) and through the Dashboard you can change, for example:
      • The site title and description. (see Settings -> General)
      • Whether the front page is a list of news items or one static page. (see Settings -> Reading)
      • You can change the header picture, uploading one of your own from your computer. (see Appearance -> Header)
      • For each post or page, you can change the title, content, categories, and whether comments are allowed.
      • You can change what widgets appear on the right of your site. These might be links, lists of recent posts, recent comments etc.
      • You can even change the whole appearance of your site by choosing a new Theme (see Appearance -> Themes). However, we suggest you use the Kaduna theme currently since it is the only one that uses the Andika unicode font to display all the special letters you may use in your language.
  • What kind of files can I publish?
    • Paste in the text of any files you want to publish so that it’s readable on all devices from computers to phones, but you can also upload documents such as PDF, DOC, RTF, MP3 files.
    • MP3 files should automatically be playable when people click on them.
    • Files are limited to 8MB in size. Anything more than that is hard for people to download. Contact us if you think you need a larger file or to help with making files smaller.
  • Can I upload pictures?

    1. Click above the main text box

    • Yes! And we love it if you can include some pictures on your pages. Photos of your area will be particularly great.
    • When editing a page you should see a row of icons beside the word Upload/Insert.
    • 2. Click 'Select Files', choose the image, then add extra information

      Click the first to add a picture.

    • Select a file from your computer (JPEG / JPG is best) then upload.
    • 3. Choose alignment and insert into post

      Give it a title, decide the size and whether you want it to float on the left, centre or right or not allow text to wrap round it at all, then click Insert into page.

    • Do the same for MP3, PDF files etc.
  • Do you have any more questions? Please ask.

For readers

  • Why is the text invisible for a while as the page loads?
    • Using the Kaduna theme, we need time to load a special font so that every word displays correctly and beautifully. This may take up to 30 seconds on a slow mobile handset connection.
  • What do I need to read pages?
    • Use a mobile phone or a computer using a reasonably recent browser.
    • Smart phones work best. Please tell us your experience with your phone and we might be able to improve the site for you.
    • On a desktop or laptop computer, it;s best if you can use a fairly recent browser. Internet explorer 6 or earlier is not helpful, but anything from Firefox 3, Safari 4, Chrome, Opera 8 and above should work fine. All of these web browsers are available for free and are better than old versions of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 8 or above should be fine.
    • The site is mostly tested on Firefox and Safari.
  • Do you have any more questions? Please ask.

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