Nigerians around the world often ask which languages have a New Testament or Bible, and where they can get a copy. This site is mainly dedicated to the ongoing work of developing spoken home languages into written form and translating the Bible into those languages. So below we have a list of the projects who are using this site to publicise their work. There is also a growing list of Bibles in Nigerian languages available to read online, and many of the larger Bibles can be bought from the Bible Society of Nigeria.

Language development and translation in progress

Here are the communities who are developing their languages on the internet and sharing the progress they are making on

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Bibles in Nigerian languages available to read online

Bibles in Nigerian languages can be found on, including:

Bibles in Nigerian languages available to order (in print) online

Bible Society of Nigeria – general site

Bibles sold online by Bible Society of Nigeria

  1. Ebira
  2. Efik
  3. Hausa
  4. Igala
  5. Igede
  6. Isoko
  7. Itsekiri
  8. Tiv
  9. Urhobo

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