Technical Details

This page is intended for technical personnel to give them an idea of how works and what could be done better. Please use the comments below to contribute any other questions or suggestions. Currently (March 2014) the structure of the site is being maintained by one person who is busy with other things, so time for implementing improvements is limited.

What special things does do?

  • As little as possible.
  • Kaduna* theme:
    • Loads the AndikaBasicRegular web font.
    • If using a non-Android/iOS mobile device, underlined letters (e.g. a̱) are replaced by HTML underlines wherever they occur. This avoids boxes being shown on semi-smart handsets that don’t manage underlines.
  • Helpful plugins:
    • Audio player plugin supplied so you just need to upload an MP3 file for it to gain a player.
    • TinyMCE adapted with a custom plugin to remove unhelpful options.
    • Quick Edit Pages menu added to require less loading of intermediate pages when wanting to edit a particular page.

What improvements are intended?

  • Problems observed, especially on slow connections:
    • Sometimes text disappears when fonts are loading.
  • More testing required:
    • How do under-dot letters manage?
    • Are there other letters like the underlines that don’t appear well on some handsets? Can we identify them and make them displayable somehow?
  • More features that could be added:
    • Web-based keyboarding system for typing special letters without installing extra software.
    • A more automatic way of getting text from Paratext onto the site for review.
    • Nice mobile-friendly display of however much (scripture) text people post.
    • An easy way to publish dictionaries from WeSay.
    • More sophisticated feedback.
    • Polls for testing purposes, complete with demos



* No bias or favouritism to Kaduna or any part of Nigeria is intended; the author chose a city name almost at random. It just so happens that in the north of Nigeria Kaduna has been a centre of publishing for some time.

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