Is Nigeria in the Bible?

Have you ever wondered that? Well just the other day someone got to NGbible by asking that question. Sadly they won’t have found the answer here, but i thought I could try to answer it: Yes and no.

First the ‘no’. The word ‘Nigeria’ is not in the Bible (except in a printed version you might find ‘Bible Society of Nigeria’ in the copyright page). Nigeria was not called ‘Nigeria’ until hundreds of years after the New Testament was completed. Neither are people obviously from present day Nigeria mentioned in the Bible, although it is quite possible that some sub-Saharan Africans were among those visiting Solomon, or travelling to Egypt to find food.

Now the ‘yes’.

Adam & Eve, the ancestor of all people (including Nigerians) are mentioned in the Bible. And when the good news about Jesus started exploding around the world, Nigeria and Nigerians were included in ‘to the ends of the earth’, alongside Asia, Europe and the Americas. Finally in Revelation 7:9 we see John’s vision of people from every nation, tribe, people and language praising God for their shared salvation… “And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” (Revelation 22:2) That certainly includes Nigeria and Nigerians.

It sounds like we should expect there to be many Nigerians praising God in the new heaven and new earth, speaking many Nigerian languages. On this site we hope that many will grow in their relationship with him through reading and hearing the Bible in the languages they know best.


Next question Google was asked that led to this site: what language was the bible first translated into in nigeria?

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