ECWA Seminary Kagoro – special event

Even while many lament the death of Nigerian languages, there are still hundreds of languages in active use which remain the very best way for Nigerian pastors to communicate the truth the gospel in all its power. ECWA Seminary in Kagoro gives us a snapshot of the situation.

In late 2014 a survey of 151 students and staff of the seminary showed an amazing 52 languages spoken: as diverse as the whole of Kenya!

In late 2014 a survey of 151 students and staff of the seminary showed an amazing 52 languages spoken: as diverse as the whole of Kenya!

There is scripture in many of these languages – both in written and audio form. Often people expect to be able to read their home language without any teaching at all, but that is not a fair comparison when it takes many years for most Nigerians to learn to read in English or Hausa. and recently loaded up audio and written scriptures in quite a few Nigerian languages so you can listen along as you read.

Why don’t you find out what is available in your language, languages spoken nearby or languages used by your church members?

Language Name Project status Read Listen Contact
Adara new project (ex LP)
Alago in progress NBTT
Arabic Bible
Atsam LP?
Babur [Bura] NT 1939, Bible 2014 Read online
Basa Bible
Berom Bible, 2009 WBT
Deaf – Nigerian Sign Language Read online
Duya in progress SIL Nigeria; Jonathan Barnhoorn
Eggon NT, 1974 BSN Read online chk NBTT
French Bible [LWC]
Fulfulde NT, 2011 UBS; OT in progress Read online Listen online
Gbagyi NT, 1956 BSN BSN
Gbari in progress SIL Nigeria; Zakka Danzaria
Gusu [Jere]
Hun-Saare [Dukawa] in progress
Hyam in progress NBTT
Igbo Bible, 1988 IBS Read online
Igede Read online
Ikulu LP?
Irigwe NT, 2012 The Bible League / WBT Read online NBTT; Daniel Gya
Jju NT, 2011 NBTT / WBT; OT in progress Read online NBTT
Kagoro [Gworog] in early progress Read online NBTT; Gideon Gwamna
Kambu [Limbum]
Karai karai in progress NBTT
Koma in progress
Koro in progress Read online SIL Nigeria; Jonathan Barnhoorn
Kurama new project NBTT
Longuda NT, 1978 IBS
Mada NT, 1999 WBT Read online SIL Nigeria, NBTT
Mana [Shau?]
Marghi NT, 1987 BSN Read online BSN, Luke Partnership
Mwaghavul NT, 2007 IBS; OT in progress Read online Listen online IBS
Ngas NT, 1977 BSN
Ninzom NT, 2011 NBTT / WBT Read online Enene 0806 537-8917
Nyandang [Yendang] LP, NBTT; Saul Samuel
Pidgin NT, 2012 The Seed Company Read online Listen online TSC;;  NEMA Bookshop on Rayfield Road, Jos
Ribang [piti?]
Rukuba [Che] in progress NBTT
Ruruma in early progress
Saya in early progress NBTT; TCNN staff and students; Luke partnership
Tangale NT, 1963 BSN; West dialect in progress BSN
Tiv Bible, 1964 BFBS Read online BFBS, BSN
Tyap NT, 2015 Read online NBTT; Rev Cheye (Coordinator) 0703 484 4965
Waja in progress NBTT

(HT: Thanks to the Provost Rev Dr Sunday Agang for the article and for the invitation to speak at Chapel.)

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